Promoting and supporting youth lacrosse programs for Medfield boys and girls in grades 1 through 8

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Promoting and supporting lacrosse programs for Medfield boys and girls in grades 1 through 8

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The Medfield Youth Lacrosse Rebounder Wall is now completed and now open to all to Medfield residents to work on their stick skills or any sport that they want to train on.  The wall is located on the back part of Metacomet Field.   

The Wall was completely funded by our MYL non-profit organization through donations and fund raising efforts.   If you attended our Spring Fund Raiser – then you helped build this wall too.

So what is a rebounder wall ?   If you know lacrosse – every coach and player will tell you that practicing lacrosse against a wall is the one thing that will definitely improve your stick skills and will make you a better player if you work at it.  Our wall is 45 feet long by 15 feet tall – it is double-sided so players can utilize both sides.  A picture is up on our home page.

Ideas are great – making them come true is only accomplished through hard work.  We would like to especially thank the following people/groups for their tireless efforts to take this concept and make it a reality. 


Jeff Marsden and the Medfield Public Schools

Medfield Parks and Rec


Thanks to everyone, and please look out for our next Fundraiser Event in early Spring.  Also – please let your child know the wall is now officially open. 


Medfield Youth Lacrosse

by posted 09/19/2016
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